Sunil Sharma

Director of Finance

I am a science graduate from Delhi University. I completed my certification as a chartered accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1991. In my previous assignments I have served as a finance controller and head of financial accounts.

Throughout my career I have been keen in understanding organizational finance structure and enhancing accounting capabilities by implementing advance technical solutions. In my previous ventures, i identified and established an ERP system in two separate industries that effectively allocated company resources. I also successfully implemented IFRS (International Financial Reporting System) continentally. To UNIGLOBE Travel I bring my expertise in taxation structure and Indian financial law.

The best part about working in UNIGLOBE is to help agencies find effective solutions for various accounting practices that help them save man-hours and minimize their expenses.

Specifically, some of my responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure the overall financial discipline of the entire organization and implement a new reporting system.

  • Work closely with UNIGLOBE agency owners to provide an outstanding system of financial support and management.

  • Consult on legal agreements.

  • Lead an experienced team to offer UNIGLOBE agencies expert advice on handling finance, accounts and taxation matters.

  • Develop business support tools and collection packages to help agencies gain better control of their collection processes.

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