Divay Sharma

Head - Leisure

Having completed my masters in Marketing and IATA certification, I have more than 15 Years of experience in the travel industry. I have worked with some of the largest leisure focused agencies in UK and India.

My responsibilities as Program Manager - Leisure Sales are:

  • Research and opportunity analysis documenting leisure travel sales and industry trends

  • Overall identification and development of the leisure program strategy

  • Categorize and develop all program essentials pertaining its Marketing, Sales, Operational strategy along with vendor and technological support essentials

  • Product Development by contracting and negotiating with vendors and suppliers

  • Leisure sales enhancement by organizing training of frontline agents at the agency to become more effective and efficient in closing sales by running an extensive product, destination and skills training program

  • Customization and implementation of leisure support technologies to enhance sales effectiveness at agencies

  • Overall program management to support the ongoing development

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